Thursday, February 24, 2011

Moving to Kuala Lumpur... too fast or just on time?

Never before I gave much thoughts about Chinese New Year celebration nor what does it mean and what kind of meaning has that thing to Chinese people or people around them. It was always great deal of mystery to me and I was only reading about it in news papers and never gave it a much attention. This year the celebration of Chinese New Year began on the day when everything good started happening to me.
Let me give you a story about that...
I was in Bali, minding my own business since University didn't give much shit teaching us so I didn't give much shit going there. I had too much work to do for and I was enjoying staying in Jelena's balcony where the conditions for work were fabulous. Jelena and me spend some time searching for a job and suddenly it comes to my mind ( o glory! ) that maybe, just maybe I should start searching for a job in Indonesia. It was a bit strange that I sent so many CV's and noone ever called me for interview or asked questions. Of course, that was because I was always applying for jobs in Malaysia and it seems like I'm not living there. So, I just applied for a job in Surabaya and in couple of minutes they wanted me in their company and they offered something like 8.5 mil Rp which is excellent sallary for Indonesians but not for someone who has family and friends on other part of the world. The other thing was that they wanted me to sign contract for 3 years and I should live in Jakarta. So, the answer was simple enough "NO, Thank you". It was something about Jakarta that I didn't want to know and for sure I didn't want to live there.
So, Jelena and me had a guest for couple of days in Bali. met Zoran trough Serbiatravelers club and he came to Bali for 3 days to meet me and to see Bali. So we had fun going around the island and talking and laughing around with him. After that, he went to Kuala Lumpur and met Borjan. He told Borjan that he had fun with us, that he had great time, how nice girls we are and Borjan immediately wanted to meet us so he asked us to come to KL to stay with him for some time and try to look for a job or just have loads of parties with him... After here and there ... we said yes. So, we started preparing our exit permits for KL and just this funny morning, when I came back to Surabaya and when my motorbike just broke down (so, there are bad things too) I got an email from Borjan saying "hey girls, check this out, it might work out for you"
Next thing you know I was seding my CV to this company, got reply, sheduled interview, sheduled 2nd interview, got a job and now I need to pack...
The thing is, I believe 7 months of Surabaya was quite enough and I needed to escape... for good... but I need to leave piccolina all alone here and that is complete shit... but there is no more use of staying in Sby... I got what I wanted