Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Royal Wedding - stupid screw up world of journalists!

Long time ago in a Kingdom Far Far Away there lived a beautiful Prince. His Mother was very very beautiful Princess and everybody loved her. She was nice, kind, she was going around, doing charity work, smiling at everybody, traveling around the world. She was not really fond of her husband, the future King, so they got divorced after few years of terrible marriage. She was still spending time with her sons, the beautiful Prince and less beautiful one and she was still everyone's favorite Princess. And everything was perfect in that country until the evil hunters killed the princess mother. Yes, Prince was sad, he cried for days and bellowed Princess Mother came into the legend and stayed there until today. Oh, yes, this is not one of those enchanted Princess stories but more realistic view of how stupid journalists make lousy conclusions.

So the years went by and Prince met this wonderful Girl on his university party and after years of relationship they decided to get married. That wasn't a small deal, she was going to become a Princess and everybody around the globe were so happy to see this wedding and to be part of it. Many people from all around the world went to Kingdom of Far Far Away to see this beautiful wedding and the 23 million who couldn't go watched it live on TV. Oh yes, it was a beautiful wedding, the bride was just gorgeous, the groom was wearing beautiful uniform even he wasn't beautiful anymore. When he was a little boy I knew at least 10 girls in my surrounding area who were completely in love with beautiful Prince and I was also one of them. We were all dreaming about the big Royal wedding and hoping that one day, maybe, just maybe we will be the one saying "yes" to the beautiful Prince. Now, being older, he got his father's face marks and almost all of his mother beauty vanished from him. Probably that is one of the reasons why I quit dreaming about the big wedding and probably, since I got older too, I stopped dreaming.

So, the lucky girl, I can call her lucky, was just beautiful at the wedding but all the time news papers were comparing her to the Princess Mother, like she is some bad copy and the legend should not be removed from its pedestal. Even before the weeding she was compared all the time by journalists all around the world and everyone wanted to say that she is not worthy to be a Princess, since she is not as much of a Royal blood and that she will never be like the Princess Mother and all I was reading in newspapers were stupid conclusions to something which is old, disappeared, gone... So what if she is different than Princess Mother?! She shouldn't be like Princess Mother. That girl has a personality of her own, she has style, class, brains of her own, great smile, she is not stupid, she knows what does that mean to be a Princess and she did not married beautiful Prince to be a copy of his late Mother. No, I don't know her, I'm not her best friend to keep her back but I like her face and her style more than Princess Mother and I know she is going to be quite refreshment in Royal Family of Kingdom Far Far Away. She is something new and I hope one day she will overgrown the legend and be herself in the eyes of stupid old journalists who forget about hungry children of Africa and the wars going around the world but cannot forget that Princess Mother died in 1997, fucking 14 years ago! No, the Princess Mother should not be forgotten, but maybe she should be put on a side so that the new Royal couple starts enjoying their future life without shadow of late Princess Mother on their marriage and without stupid conclusions of newspaper world.

So, my dear William, somewhere deep deep inside I'm sorry that we didn't meet and that maybe, just maybe that could be my wedding but I know that you got yourself a right girl. Kate will rock your world, she probably was doing that already! :)

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