Friday, June 21, 2013

Why did I leave Symphony

For all of you out there who can't speak Serbian...

Since I came to the company I told Prem if he ever leaves me in front of Jack all alone I will leave the company... back then it was a joke and I didn't think I will ever end up in that position. :) Prem was always a wall behind whom I hide from Jack. Never liked the guy even he was always super nice to me. There was something about him that was bothering me but I couldn't explain what. The fact that he was unpredictable showed to be true in number of occasions.
I never though I will be promoted that fast and handling so much work...
Anyhow, Prem left and I ended up being all alone in front of Jack... and after 2 years Jack gave me nothing but disbelieve. I fixed social insurance calculation for client which was broken and wrong for 2 years back and he was like "how did you do it, what did you do there, who did you ask this, who did you ask that..." it was like I never done anything for the company and whatever I did everything was wrong even at the end it turned out to be completely correct and client came out quite happy with their April and May payroll.
Before Prem left, Jack offered me to transfer to London since I didn't like Malaysia that much... when Prem left that thing went up like thin air. After all of my persuations and discussions with him he said OK for London. We signed new contract for London and after my holidays I supposed to go to London and work from there as technical consultant and focus on support for a while more. When I left for holiday he send me this email with list of 60 CR's, SCR's and issues and he said it is all pending on me and he wants me to come back to KL since I didn't do this stuff, I didn't do transition (and there was no one to do transition to) and then after I finish those stuff we will discuss London all over again (perhaps). When I went trough the list, 4 of these CR's and SCRs were pending on me. Most of them were pending for Ops for testing since my team done everything. My team is damn hardworking and I would give my life for those kids.
So... that was the last drop... I didn't want to come back to KL because I knew London will never happen and KL sucks big-time and I already picked up all my stuff and terminated my apartment agreement in KL.
I didn't plan for this to happen but working with J&J is heavy as hell and I felt everything what I did in past 2 years was like nothing...I can't work without trust and I can't work when someone accuses me not to do my work. 

So... I'm sorry... I miss my job, I miss my team, I miss all of you guys because we worked so nice in past 2 years but world is small, we will meet again.

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