Wednesday, June 25, 2008

visual problems at work

I like my job... it's fucking boring but I like it. People are telling me things which I absolutely don't understand but I keep on smiling and nod my head and later on I don't even try to find out what were they telling me about.... I just keep on doing what I know how to... I learned everything there is to know about sales analysis and now they are trying to learn me about economics ( I do apologize to all of my Economical friends ... to them mathematics is question mark)
I still don't understand what is account, what does accountant does, why there is so much different dates when you do booking ... and quite frankly, I don't care.
My paycheck is way small and I'm always complaining about that but since I'm not doing such a big job, it's good.
the job crew is nice, the ladies look at me as if I were their daughter. I'm always sweet and smiley so they liked me from the start. They are always in a mood to show me some things even 5 times if it's necessary since I don't really try to remember what are they saying. They might think I'm stupid.
Well the problem at work is actually (I don't want to complain about the paycheck) is my colleague from Nish. Before she came to this company she was working in Phillip Morris and some big fancy real estate agency, and she is obvious full of cash and she can work for our paycheck and pay the rent for the apartment 200euros (actually mom and dad are paying) ... no, that's not the problem. She is someone who's voice get on my nerves 120% and I prefer when she is silent or when she is not even around. I don't even want to tell you about her not knowing Serbian grammar and language. I have whole bunch of friends who don't know how to speak properly but I don't care... probably the sound of her voice gives extra strong resistance to her ignorance. It's not only the sound of her voice that bugs me. She is decidedly the ugliest person that I ever seen in my life. Few days back she came to work with new hair style and it was so hard for me to give her a compliment since I wanted so much to tell her that hairdresser ruined her hair and it's probably irreversible thing and that she looks 10 years older now.
I don't even know how to describe her. She has small mouth (but talks big time), big bib, glasses that makes her even more ugly, some undefined face shape, full of zig, messy hair, short neck, ... I don't even want to continue. She is quite a caricature.
I was never terrorized by someone being ugly... probably I have to look at her every day all day long and that thing is even magnified with that terrible sound of her voice.
I lived in student dormitory with 500 people, met 1000 more and everyone has something wrong. Who is perfect anyhow? :D
but all of those people had something that I liked... I can't find anything that I like about her and I tried, I really tried. I don't like being judged by appearance and I never judge people by the way they look and I don't judge her...
I don't argue with her, I let her everything to be her way since I don't have nerves to argue. I can't listen to sound of her voice when she is persuaded that she is right. In other hand she is rude and ill-mannered. She never wants to listen what I have to say and she always gets into my sentence. Sometimes this guy comes to me as a mister of universe. He is funny, she's not.
There, I had to say it.
And then people ask me why do I want to leave my job?

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