Friday, March 4, 2011

All bule fuck around right?

When I came to Indonesia I heard this word which was really funny for me and it is a word that Indonesians use for white people. The word "bule" in my language represents a Muslim girl which is completely covered up and here it is quite opposite. Right now we like to use this word when we joke around something since it is well known that all bule in Indonesia have good jobs, they are well paid, live in rich parts of the city, have loads of money which they are spending around and, lately, I realized that bule have this thing that they are fucking around with everybody. Not only once I was deeply offended by Indonesian people that I met here and there with stupid questions and stupid sentences that actually showed that, since I'm bule, that automatically means that I go around and fuck with everybody.
Apparently, Indonesians don't have sex before marriage, that is strictly forbidden by religion (both Muslim and Christian) and their beliefs and they like to put it out front. When I asked a girl aged 31 which is not married is she a virgin her face went dark red, she got completely confused, her eyes went out of her head and she replied "How can you ask me something like that?!?" When a guy, also aged 31 was telling someone I know about his first sexual experience he was also blushing, speaking with the lowest voice possible and told that person to swear not to tell anyone.
My university is completely Muslim and all the girls are walking around with scarves, looking at as like we fallen from the sky and being really nice girls... during the day... If I start telling the stories of bule I know about what are those girls doing during the night... Muhammediah University Surabaya would be banished from this world.
When a girl I know came to me to introduce me to a guy who liked me she told me after 30 seconds of my conversation with him "If you want to fuck him just go with him tonight to his place, he has a nice car, he can fuck for 2 hours and he is rich". Oh yes, all bule want rich guys and they fuck with someone the moment they see him. I looked at that girl and I wasn't sure what is she talking about.
Last Saturday we went to this Ice Club, really fancy and expensive place but luckily we didn't pay anything since Emily knew the manager. All of our friends left at 1 but we stayed and danced until club was closing. Just before club started closing I met this Indonesian guy who was really cute so I kissed him few times, told him that I don't want to go with him to his place and continue dancing. Then some bule guy came and started dancing with Sonia and it appeared that he is from Macedonia. I hugged him like he was my brother and almost started crying. So, we arranged to meet the day after and spend some time together since I will have a chance to talk in Serbian. Two of them are living in Sheraton apartments so we decided to use that fact to go for a swimming in Sheraton swimming pool. We had fun with the guys, we swam, had nice afternoon with them, hanged out in their apartment and had dinner in the evening and went home. When we told some of our friends about that, the girl, mentioned above, asked "So you went to sleep in Sheraton with them and then you went to swim" ?!??!? Lately Sonia and I are speaking the same things at the same time so we said "NO" like a choir. When I started talking about Indonesian guy that I kissed I got from a certain person "how can you kiss him if you don't know him?" Well, I don't need a guys CV to kiss him. I felt like kissing him. And then I got one of those fabulous questions "But why you didn't go with him to his place. Maybe he is good fucker" Oh yes, again, all bule fuck around all the time. It was weirder that I didn't go to bed with him than the fact that I kissed him which was also weird.
We also have loads of stupid SMS coming to our addresses and when someone tells that she has a boyfriend and she is not going around and cheats on him that doesn't means a lot to Indonesian. That sounds just the same like you are completely available, since you are bule, and bule are fucking around all the time, right? After you say no for couple of times they just continue offering things like "relationship without love" or sending you messages in the middle of the night telling how desperate they are because you don't want to meet them. If you tell them you want to be a friend and you want to meet as a friend they don't know what that means or they just don't want to know. When you tell them that you are engaged that might give a slightly bigger significance to Indonesian guys, but, anyhow, he is not here, right so they can continue stocking and harassing you. So, lately, we started telling people that we are married since that is the first thing they ask when they meet us and when they ask that we know that they like us. So, basically the only thing that can save you from Indonesians, who want to have sex with bule, since bule are always fucking around right, is to tell them that you are married... but sometimes that doesn't work either.
Oh yes, we had a case of a "friend" who got angry and he is not talking to us for months now since Sonia told him that she has a boyfriend and he thought that he is irresistible.
So, we came to conclusion that it is not polite to kiss around but it is ok to fuck around and bule fuck around all the time, right?

P.S I met a plastic surgeon who does 5-10 hymen closing operation per day and girls from all around Indonesia are coming to him before they get married. One operation is 500-1500€. In Serbia one plastic surgeon is doing that kind of operation 5-10 times per year.
In Europe you can fuck around but at least Europeans are not hypocrite.


jegulja said...

Ja sam čula da imaju male. Why bother? :D

Marina said...

Igzekli maj pojnt... :D

sonia said...

I really like your blog, maybe it can be so strange for an European to read this blog, because in Europe, we don't have any kind of problems when we talk about sex or when you ask to your friend when was his first time or something like that. But in Indonesia is not like this, people are full of complexes and are acting like children. Many guys are having sex before marriage but nobody will tell you, quite hypocrite. Most of Indonesians think that "bule" are having sex wherever, whenever and with all people in the world, but is not like that.In Europe, sex is not a taboo, but this doesn't mean that people are fucking all day long!!! all people in the world can decide when, with whom and if they want to have sex, also "bule".

Dejan said...

you should say that you are married... to each other! :D

pozdrav iz NS :)

Marina said...

Ain't working... we tried that... :D

sariaulfa said...

hilarious...been read this few times n my bad i didn't notice that most of my own peeps so small minded but still not all of us tho :)

love ur blog honey!