Monday, March 7, 2011

This is Indonesia part 2

Since I haven't finished the story about cultural differences of Indonesia, I probably never will, but let me just try to continue.
It is quite hard to explain all the things that make me shocked and still can't believe that they are doing some things. I didn't expect too much of a shock when I landed to Indonesia since I already lived in Ukraine, Morocco and Middle East so I understand the cultural differences and I'm used to accept them. The problem with Indonesians is that they want too much to be like white people, Australians, Americans or Europeans. They are looking at Australian tourists getting drunk in Bali so they do it too. They look how white we are so they want it to and all the time Sonia and I are getting million of compliments that we are so beautiful because we are white. All they talk about is beauty and all the things girl wants in this country to be beautiful and popular and, of course, white.
When we talk about beauty someone told Indonesian girls that they look good with lenses in color so almost all the girls are wearing lenses instead of glasses and they even wear color lenses when they don't need to wear them for their eye sight. There are few of shades of blue color and all of them look completely unnatural and I get really scared looking at those girls. Green ones are also scary. Brown is ok, grey are terrible but nothing can beat blue. Once I went to the customer service of a mobile phone provider to ask around for the mobile internet and there was a girl working in customer service with eyes like alien and I couldn't even look at her but she was the only one speaking English and able to talk to me.
Now there is competition to be a model of Lens Company and one of my friends asked me to vote for his friend and I couldn't even look at the photo, definitely not vote.
Of course there is number of girls in Europe wearing too much makeup and I would highlight that Indonesian girls are not wearing make up, at least not until the day of their wedding, then they put it too much but that is old way of putting make up and traditional clothing and make up. Can be quite interesting though.
Since they are trying to be as beautiful as they can be they are always taking photos of them. Anywhere, anyhow, anytime. The location is not really important; anyhow you will see only them on the photo, not the location where they were. if there is album in FB from an Indonesian person which is called "Bali" you will see just photos of people who were there goofing around, jumping on Kuta beach, having close up photos, putting their feet in the water, running away from the waves... Actually it will be quite difficult to see that it is Kuta beach if they don't tell you. One of our friends started taking photos of her while we were in the toilet of a club ???!!! And loads of my Indonesian friends have photos of them on their FB profiles, actually photo albums of them taking pictures of themselves, of course, with puffed lips and stupid faces.
When we are already talking about Bali let me tell you that during the day you will rarely see an Indonesian person on the beach. Usually that would be some guys staring at bule girls and sitting completely dressed. When you see guys in Bali sitting at the beach and staring at the girls you can automatically tell that they are not from Bali. Bali guys got used to the tourists but now there is more and more Javanese people coming to Bali to work or just to stare. :D
Indonesians go to the beach when the sun goes down and they swim when the sun goes down... the reason is very simple, they hate sun and they don't want to be tanned. Even then they put enormous amounts of sun block.
Moonlight protection maybe? :D
Most of them don't know how to swim so they just dip in even if they are living surrounded by sea. So I had a priviledge to teach my wonderful host from Mataram, Trisha, how to swim and I might say that she is a good student.
When I'm talking about cultural differences I'm not saying that all of Indonesians are like that, there are number of exceptions and they will be put on this blog when their time comes... :)

oh yes... will be continued


Picture is owned by Arya Damar Sp, a friend of Miud Photograph who is my friend... so... does she looks all natural or what? :D

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