Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bizarre tours of Muhammediyah University

This morning Sonia and me were going around our kos and thinking to go or not to go to our university. It was quite a glorious morning for not doing anything. Suddenly Sonia got a sms from Aina, the girl who is studying with us and told us that they are waiting for us at university and Mr. Iddris is taking us somewhere out. So, usually when he is taking us somewhere we get free lunch so we packed really fast and went off. When we got to the university Mr. Iddris told us that we are going to have lesson today in his car and in the hospital since we probably never visited Indonesian hospital. Why would we want to go to a hospital? I hate hospitals since my mom was in them for 1.5 years and last time when I was in one I had really bad stomach pain and all I wanted to do is to puke my heart out when I left it. So I told him that I hate hospitals and I really don’t want to go but since he thinks that everything should be joke he was pushing it and asking from me to go. Anyhow, I don’t find anything interesting about hospitals and I would rather stay at home or university. At the end I accepted to go but I said that I would wait somewhere in the lobby. Luckily the lobby of this hospital was like 5 star hotel so I was feeling ok. When we came to Indonesia, University promised all kinds of tours and visits to all kind of places in Surabaya but the only thing what university provided for us was a rafting in Probolingo which was absolutely amazing and visit to the international hospital in which no one speaks English so I just gave up from looking for a gynecologist. The thing is that people are quite insensitive here and when you tell them that you don’t want something and by the look of your face anyone in clear mind would stop asking stupid questions but no, Indonesians continue asking stupid questions and they want to know everything. We had a lesson with Miss Linda (they like to put Miss, Mr, Mrs in front of their names) and somehow I told her that I don’t have parents and she started asking loads of really stupid questions and she made me cry at the end and that even didn’t stop her continuing. I had to take my things and leave the class in order for her to stop. Mr. Idriss also think that everything is a joke and that we can joke around every single thing we say. Yes, I love to joke around about almost everything but when someone touches what is the hardest for me and you can see it in my face, you should stop. The thing is that they don’t see it.
Not just people in university but most of people I met are completely insensitive and they can’t read people’s feelings from their faces. They don’t give much attention to face expressions so they can rarely tell when I’m joking around or when I’m serious. Sometimes when I start kidding around with them they answer me completely serious because they can’t see from my face that I’m making a joke. I have to tell them and the most stupid thing ever is that then they start laughing. When you need to explain someone that you are joking that is not funny anymore.
Well, we didn’t get free lunch since Mr. Idriss wanted donuts from Dunkin Donuts, we didn’t see anything new since Sonia spends a lot of time in hospitals and, of course, like always, we didn’t have any lessons.

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sonia portanova said...

it was so boring in the last months,nothing was happening at the university,no lessons,no teachers!!but that tour was so amazing!!the international hospital in surabaya is the best place i have ever seen!!all people should come to indonesia just to visit that hospital!!! hahahaha!! :D