Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Landing to Kuala Lumpur

Finally I started working. Well no, that is not the most exciting part of my life in Kuala Lumpur and after months of doing nothing I can tell you that is quite difficult and until I don’t get into the movements of the company, I will not have too much work to do. Getting internet access in my company is quite hard and complicated and I have been questioned for at least 3 times why do I need internet access. Fuck it, again I started working in finances and there are loads of terms and things I don’t understand and guys that I’m working with are staying in the office for ages every day and me, torturing them to explain to me what is simple cut off or benefit claim would be just me being lazy. Until I get all of those definitions, I will just look around like a sheep and think what to do and how to do it. After clicking on loads of websites and trying to get trough I realized that only website working is google and all of its applications and blogger is one of them so I can easily access my blog and write as much as I want since I came to the company, the company itself is making my job quite difficult so i decided not to do it, but to wait for "The Man" to get back from London and get things straight.

Anyhow, I fucking love this city, with beaming positive energy all around and such a big mixture of nations and people this is the city where every corner has something new. People who are here for longer tell me that it gets boring after a while but there is also rest of the Malaysia and SE Asia to be explored once when and if I get to that level. The fact that KL is home to AirAsia says it all.

It was quite difficult to find an apartment but I managed that too with a help of some people that I knew from earlier and some new people who came to my life and became instant angels. The thing is that when you come to new city and you don't know anything and don't know where to go, people who will help you are usually people who were in the same situation few years back. Jelena met Joice in the office and that girl spend loads of her free time to help us out and she used her perfect bargain skills and got us quite cheap place and we don't have to sign any contract. For beginning the flat is quite good but probably we will move as soon as we find something nicer and cheaper... :)

When I arrived I stayed for couple of days with Mun, an old friend from CS and then I moved to Borjan's place for 2 weeks until Jelena and I managed to find a place on our own. Staying with Borjan at one point was chaotic since there was 8 of us in the flat and having a tight situation between him and his ex girlfriend who is still living there, some moments were not so nice but still, I would like to have a chance to do something for Borjan, to show him how much I'm grateful. Words aren't enough. Unfortunately I can't cook sarma for him since there is no sour cabage even if I lived in desperate hope there is.

for sure the story will be continued

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